Jump start your investment dream with land for sale Kakamega

Jump start your investment dream with land for sale Kakamega

Located in the western part of Kenya, land for sale in Kakamega offers another serene platform for investors to try any given venture, considering that it can support a variety of investment opportunities.

Kakamega is a place with hot and wet weather very suitable for farming, both large scale and subsistence. It is also a good place for commercial investments because of its large population. Also, because of it being a non volatile place, it has great potentials of attracting investors. Kakamega County is known for political calmness unlike some regions where political temperatures flare every now and then. This makes land for sale in Kakamega a safe haven for investment as businessmen are assured of the safety of their investments.

You may be an investor keen on doing business in Kakamega, and looking for a land where you can put up commercial buildings, put up rental structures or even start an agricultural project. Consider your search over because Kakamega County has all that you need.

There is a lot of land in Kakamega, spacious enough to fit your needs, easily accessible and also ideal for both commercial and agricultural purposes, not forgetting even the residential projects. Kakamega is a large area with a huge population and therefore finding land to start a project is not a problem at all in this area.

Most lands in Kakamega are available on a freehold tenure whereby you become the absolute owner of the land after purchase. You will not need to pay any further land rates, or any other fee. You will also be issued with the title deed immediately, which shall henceforth be under your custody. This means you can use this land whichever way you want since it is yours. Being a place where farming does so well, you can decide to engage in farming, or you can build rental and commercial structures.

Such lands are available all over Kakamega and there are so many other places around this area where you can get such land, with the prime ones being in Mumias, Kakamega town and Vihiga.

Land agents in Kakamega are hitherto known to be genuine people with a good reputation making the process of buying land in this area an easy ride for investors. Today, some people find it hard to put their trust in the agents because of the many times they have fallen prey to fraudsters in the name of ‘agents’.

This then is a wakeup call for everyone who wants to buy land to be careful enough as not to fall victims of such circumstances, since they take off immediately with your money and it becomes hard to trace them because in most cases they don’t give out enough details like copies of identity cards that one can use to track them down. This however is not the case with lands for sale in Kakamega as they issue clean and genuine documents to the buyers. In addition to that, there’s also the direct transfer of the land from the owner to the buyer as soon as the last payment is made.

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