Investment Services

Are you keen on investing in real estate in Kisumu or neighboring counties, but you are wondering how? Maybe you witness people lose millions of money in investment schemes and so you want to invest smartly somewhere you won’t regret? We have the solution for your investment needs.

At West Kenya Real Estate, we spend time developing market-driven products that offer value addition and security to investors. We have come up with four types of investment channels which promises a huge return on investment, secure, no time consuming and fulfilling.

Buy and Rent

We identify a property for you to buy and rent out. You don’t need tens of millions to invest in this investment vehicle. As little as five million Kenya shillings, you are able to get a good property that will guarantee you at least ten percent return on investment after deducting other costs like property management, security, repairs and taxes.  For details, visit buy and rent page.

Apartment Joint Ventures

While people spend time looking for land to develop a property on and others go to court trying to recover lost money on fake land transactions, we offer you a different investment opportunity. Here, you don’t buy land, but enter into a joint venture with the landowner. This safeguards you from the risk of buying a non-existing land and the land are being always there to deal with any issue that may arise concerning the validity of land. No one will enter into a joint venture on a non-existing land because the return on joint venture will be the rent after the property is rented out.

We identify people ready for this kind of joint venture, handle construction and after construction has competed we manage the property. See more on Apartment Joint Ventures page.

Hotel Lease and Manage

Do you know you don’t have to accumulate millions of money to run a hotel? We have several hotels that are available for people to lease and run. We are able to negotiate terms for you and help you manage. All you will do is pay the initial lease rental and every month, you will be making you money. We run the hotel and you make your money. Check hotel lease and manage page.

Capital Appreciation Investment

Are you looking for an opportunity to invest money and wait for capital appreciation? You will earn some rental income should you choose to lease or rent it out. We are here to help you by identifying such opportunities, negotiating the terms and sealing the transaction for you. Whether you want the leafy suburbs such as Milimani, Central Business District, we are here to help you.

Avoid keeping your money idle in the bank when you can put it in some income generating venture. Whether you want to invest in a family house, office block or a mixed use property, we are available to help you invest and to manage it for you. You don’t have to worry about management thereafter. Visit Capital Appreciation Investments for more details.

We are not limited to Kisumu real estate market. We serve in Vihiga, Kakamega, Bungoma, Busia, Siaya and Homabay Counties. We have a deeper understanding of these markets and can advise you accordingly. Don’t keep off from investment, just hire help. Create value by paying the right price for a property.

Contact us today to get you started.