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How to increase the potential of Riat hills in Kisumu real estate

How to increase the potential of Riat hills in Kisumu real estate

Despite the clamor for pieces of land atop Riat hills, the area still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of real estate and infrastructural development. Granted, the modern homes constructed on top of the hills are very beautiful and eye catching but they mostly give the impression of loneliness and solitude in most parts of the hills. The breathtaking view of downtown Kisumu, the airport and the magnificent Lake Victoria is in itself quite a scenery but that is just about what Riat has to offer. Considering that this is a part of Kisumu real estate with a considerably great potential in real estate and economic development in the lakeside region, it therefore needs a lot of harnessing and nurturing so that the best can be achieved out of this magnificent area.

Riat is still served by one main road that connects Riat market along Kisumu-Kakamega highway. This is the only tarmacked road within the precincts of Riat hills. The inroads within the area are all mud roads and they are quite narrow making it even hard for two vehicles to by pass each other. With the value of property already quite high in this area, you can imagine the level at which Riat would rise to if these inroads were to be tarmacked and the general infrastructure improved. This would catapult Riat hills into unprecedented levels never witnessed before and more investors would be jostling for a piece of this area.

Piped or rather tap water is still a big problem in this area despite its prominence. Piped water only runs along the few main roads and has not yet found its way into the larger Riat hills area. This has proved to be quite a challenge considering that the area is not suitable for borehole drilling because of its hilly nature. Most of the residents therefore have to rely on tapping on the rain water which is not quite reliable as the rains are only seasonal. The Kenya Water and Sewerage Company should establish their networks within the inner parts of Riat so that the residents can also enjoy clean and fresh water. This would greatly improve the lot of this area because availability of water is one of the essential things that investors usually look out for in an area before putting their money in a given area. This would also attract more people into settling in the area for residential purposes.

Getting electricity in your home in Riat requires an extra effort and digging deeper into the pocket from an individual because like water, the electricity lines only run along the main roads. This makes getting electricity an extra burden and this might discourage some investors from investing in the area, especially those who are not so loaded.

Again, Riat needs to see more social amenities like hospitals and schools constructed in the area to make it a full package and more attractive so that more people can be enticed to seek residence in this area. People usually don’t like to go far in pursuit of essential services like hospitals and fire brigade because an emergency can strike at any given time.

If all these are put in place, then Riat will surely be the place to beat in Kisumu real estate.

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