How to get value for your money in agricultural land for sale Kenya

How to get value for your money in agricultural land for sale Kenya

Having already known that agriculture is one of the core economic activities practiced in Kenya since the pre independence days and even in the present day; you might as well have been triggered to try a hand in this vital sector. Well, that’s a wise thought and very viable as well. But how do you go about this venture without plunging into losses or debts? The following tips and steps will help you to navigate your way and reap maximum benefits from your investment in agricultural land for sale Kenya.

First and foremost, before going full throttle on an agricultural venture, you need to conduct a thorough research on the capability of a given land in supporting the intended product. Identify if the land in question is suitable for a given product. You can do this by finding out the history of crops that have always done well in that particular area or by seeking the services of an agricultural expert who will conduct soil tests to find out what it is capable of producing. Without this vital information you may end up planting the wrong crop in the right soil and vice versa leading to huge losses. Some crops like cabbages may survive harsh weather conditions while others require sufficient amount of rain to nourish.

Within the same context of research, you also need to identify the target market for your produce before you start your project. Find out who are the target consumers for your farm produce. Without a well established market for your produce, your efforts will be null and void and the result is that you are likely to find yourself stuck with your produce. This would lead to serious losses as well.

Identify the location you want to start your project in. Make sure the area is strategic enough in terms of accessibility so that you don’t incur losses in form of breakages of fragile goods while transporting them to the market place. Accessibility also facilitates the arrival of farm produce into the market within the stipulated period of time so that highly perishable goods reach the market promptly before they go bad. This will also help you to avoid unnecessary losses and hence get a maximum return for your investment.

Agricultural land for sale Kenya come either on a freehold, leasehold or rental tenure basis. Under freehold, you become the absolute owner of the land and you can do whatever pleases you with the land while leasehold goes for a renewable period of 99 years but sometimes the authorities may restrict you on what to do with the land. There are also regular land rates to be paid under this tenure system. Renting land involves getting into an agreement with a plot owner to practice farming on his land for a given period of time as agreed. Find out the most convenient form for you in terms of price, the period for which you need to use the plot and what you intend to do on the land. Do not go for freehold land when you have a short term project and in the case of leasehold find out if the relevant authorities recommend what you want to do with the said land.

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