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The housing business is currently deemed one of the businesses that is rewarding and has consistent cash flow. Because of this characteristic, many are trooping to the business across the globe. And locally, houses for sale in Kisumu city are at their pick owing to the devolution benefits that came with the promulgation of the 2010 constitution. However, with all these beneficial expectations, many have failed to meet their expectations because of lack of knowledge. This is what we want to address in this article as we advise you on how to negotiate with your seller while conducting business in houses for sale in Kisumu.

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How to negotiate with sellers

If there is any important transaction you will ever make in life, buying a house must top the list. But for this to be justified more so when it comes to houses for sale in Kisumu, your decision must be right from the onset. As experts in real estate management in this region, we (West Kenya Real Estate) proposes the following for first timers in this worthy investment before you start the sale negotiations:


Be prepared– information is power and new investors must do their homework well in the targeted areas. Once you have the right information, the next point is to focus on the particular property (house) and the seller. This can be achieved by seeking for answers to questions like:

    • Why is the house being listed for sale? And where the current occupants are moving because the area is unattractive, this might be an area to explore for more answers
    • How long has the house been listed for sale? When the listing period has been long, this could be an indicator of some unresolved issues of interest to the sale.
    • Does the duration of sale and moving in suits your time line and needs?
    • What is the current state of the house in terms of defects in the house or problems with the neighborhood? Like for instance, how good are the roofing? Will the roofing be able to stand the next storm or it will leak during the next storm?

Every question needs to get satisfactory answer because being a potential buyer you will shoulder any defect if wrong answers are given. In your negotiation, do all it takes to get out all the information you need from the seller? But remember that as you ask questions, the seller will also through in some questions. You must be careful not to give too much about your circumstances. Information relating to your income, what you can offer for the down payment or even when you intend to move in, also if you’re using the agent, ensure that your agent is tight lip to the sellers agent with such pieces of information. The seller should not know how desperate you need the house as this will give the seller a stronger bargaining position.

Find out timeline suitability – Finally, establish how soon the seller of the house would wish to close the deal. When you find out that the seller has a pressing financial need, this could be the area of weakness on the part of the seller you could use to negotiate the price downwards. These are skills you can apply in the negotiation process not just for the houses for sale in Kisumu, but across the real estate business across the globe.