Do you know of people looking for hotel management service? There are many property owners who have invested in Hotel business only for them to be frustrated by poor management by the personnel they have hired to run the hotel. If you are one such person, we have the good news for you. We just don’t do property management for rental apartment or commercial buildings, we also offer hotel management service.

Hotel Management Service Kisumu

What exactly is Hotel Management?

Hotel management is a complete system of managing all things related to hotel business, such as hotel administration, marketing, housekeeping, accounts, maintenance, food management, supervision, catering and beverage management. Does all hotel owners have time for this work?
We step in as a property management company to offer specialized service of hotel management. Now you can develop your hotel and hand over to us. Not only will we ensure your business operate at level of at least 80% but will ensure your hotel dominate search engine searches guaranteeing business all year long.
Hotel Management Company, we develop a management plan and recruit a team. With close supervision, we are able to nearly double the returns of hotels over a period of 3-6 months.

Hotel Management Service

Role of a Hotel Management Company

As a hotel management company, our responsibility cover areas such as:
• Running all departments, like front desk, housekeeping and maintenance
• Hiring, training and terminating employees
• Paying salaries and wages to employees
• Revenue management
• Marketing and public relations
• Managing capital expenses, like furniture and fixtures
• Financial reporting
• Making purchases and reconciling with vendors and suppliers
• Developing and adhering to an annual budget
• Compliance with the brand standards

How we handle Hotel Management Assignment

Do you have a hotel you want us to discuss how we can take over management, it’s time to call us.

a) Initial Meeting With Hotel Owner Or Investor
We meet with the hotel investors to expound on our hotel management service and its benefits.
b) Facts Finding
Collecting information about the hotel under discussion in terms of performance, assets, objectives, core market, personnel, etc. This is important as it helps in negotiating and discussing management contract and even setting objectives as a hotel management company.
c) Management Contract Negotiation And Signing
This is the step that confirms our engagement as hotel Management Company to take over the running of a hotel and steer it to profitability, growth and value addition to owners.
d) Handing Over
The hotel owners hands over the hotel to us. This can be done at the hotel premises or at our office with the representative of the current workforce.
e) Management and Reporting
We offer monthly reports covering a variety of areas, including financial performance, clientele base, market share, brand visibility and image.
Talk to us today. This is the opportunity to turn around the fortune of your hotel.

Talk to us today. This is the opportunity to turn around the fortune of your hotel.