Excellent Rental House Designs in Kenya 2024

As towns change to cities and market centers to towns, demand for urban-dwelling increases. This increases demand for rental houses in Kenya and opens opportunities for you to invest in rental properties. To begin the process of brainstorming over-investing in rental houses begins with looking at rental house designs in Kenya

If you are looking to invest in rental apartments in Kenya, there are several considerations or factors that you need to look into as you review rental houses in Kenya available before settling on one.

10 factors to consider when selecting rental house designs in Kenya

Whether you are working on one-bedroom flats designs in Kenya or rental flats designs in Kenya, there are some factors that you must consider in making your decision. In this article, we are discussing 10 factors to consider before settling on rental house plans in Kenya.

1. Size of the land

This is the primary thing to look into when thinking about doing a rental apartment project. Your size of the land will help you know the area that can be taken up by the apartment and the space left for other provisions. Technically, you can use up to 60% of your land for the apartment and the remaining 40% for other considerations.

2. Type of units like one-bedroom, two-bedroom, etc

This will influence the type of rental house designs in Kenya you will opt for when selecting a house plan. The higher the number of bedrooms, the larger space required per unit, hence the cost of construction.

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3. Needs of your tenants i. e parking, children playing ground, space for laundry, outdoor space, etc.

You should understand your target clients. What are the needs of the potential clients or tenants for the apartment you want to build? Are you targeting the low-income group or middle-class income group?  

The low-income class group would not mind about parking, internet and more space while the middle-class group will expect designated parking for each unit, provision for internet connectivity, better waste management, space for washing machines, fridges, etc.

4. Channels of Essential Services Connection Points.

When planning to do a rental apartment, you need to understand the channels of essential services connection points. Where will you connect water, sewer line, and electricity? Whether you are working on a one-bedroom house plan in Kenya or a two bedroom apartment house plan in Kenya, connectivity is key and the architect should be advised on the position on the ground so that the plan is done with that in mind.

5. County Government physical planning restrictions 

There are areas where the National Government or County Government has placed restrictions on the height of apartments or the nature of houses for the area. If you plan to do an apartment house, then it’s important to consult with proposals in practice to get information on any existing restrictions to avoid hitting a block when it comes to approvals.

6. Materials to use.

The materials to use will influence the overall cost of the apartment. If you choose to use stones on all walls then, the cost will be higher than if you do a mix of stones and bricks. Materials to use will be influenced largely by the available budget.

7. What drives out tenants

Since you want to build to lease out, you need to think of factors which drive tenants out of apartments. What are they? Are they related to the structure of the apartment, maintenance, rent charged, services offered or the location of the apartment?

8. Cultural orientation of the target group

You must understand the cultural orientation of your target client or tenants. If you want to build a house they will take, know the kind of houses or rooms which doesn’t conflict with their culture. For example, some think the open-plan type of kitchen is classy yet the majority of African society is used to enclosed kitchens and struggles with cooking in the presence of visitors.

When you have an understanding of the cultural orientation of the target group, you will find a house plan in Kenya which doesn’t drive potential clients away.

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9. Weather condition 

The weather condition can influence the height of a house as well as other provisions in your house. For example in cold weather areas, there is normally a provision for a fireplace or a chimney for enhancing the temperature of the house. In hot areas, the roof height is made taller to manage better the temperature of the house. 

Understanding the weather condition and letting your design company be aware will help make some key provisions. 

10. Average sizes of rental units in the region.

This is a very important finding before having your apartment plan in Kenya finalized. A simple survey will help you find this information so that people don’t run away from your apartment because you don’t offer adequate spacing in comparison to similar apartments in the same location.


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