Bedsitters/Single Rooms 35 plus units available Kondele Kisumu

We have a facility with 55 single rooms. Currently, 20 units are occupied and we are looking for people to occupy the remaining 35 units. The facility is in Kondele, Kisumu opposite Choppies Supermarket Kondele. Its ideal for Hostels for students or just people keen on bedseatter accommodation. The rates vary depending on the sizes. […]

House for sale Migosi

This is an opportunity to close a deal on a property that can start generating money faster than you can imagine. This is a family house with four units. 2 units are two bedrooms and two are one bedroom units. The neighbours are high end rental properties that naturally attract people to the place. This […]

2 Family House for Sale Migosi, Near Gorofa Chafu

If you are looking for a nice property that you can start earning money on, this is one of those properties. This property is situated in Migosi Estate of Kisumu, near Gorofa Chafu and just a few minutes away from Ken Oburo Secondary School. Its a two family house with access road, electricity, working sewer […]