1/2 Acre in Awasi land for sale along Awasi Chemelil road

This land is cool for so many projects. It’s situated 300 metres from Awasi market along Awasi Chemelil road.Its situated150metres off the road but along a murram road. There is no challenge with access. There is electricity around so no need for darkness.The title is ready so you buy the and immediately get the land […]

0.03ha Plots for Sale Awasi

This is a nice piece of land for development project. Its more suitable for residential projects. Its situated on your way to Chemelil from Awasi, roughly 500Metres from Awasi. From Awasi, you drive roughly 400M along Awasi Chemelil road to a junction on your left with a clinic called “Julia Hubner” and move off 100Metres […]

25 Plots for sale Awasi 0.03ha

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who would want to invest little in land and gain much later. The plots are situated 200 metres from Awasi market along Awasi Chemelil road.From Awasi you branch on your left after driving 200-250metres and walk another 100metres to the land. The land is along the murram road, […]