Changing countenance of Kisumu real estate industry

Kisumu properties images   If you think that Machakos County is fast growing County with high rates of buildings and constructions of skyscrapers and roads within the country then am very sorry to disagree with you hence I’ll advise you to just take a glance at Kisumu County.

Just less than a decade ago, most developing and developed areas in Kisumu County now were totally different places.  Majority of these places were bushes, shrugs, cemeteries and even abandoned places.

For instance, ten year back places like Lolwe estate, Polyview estate, Riat estate, Translakes estate, Ogango environs etc these entire places used to be bushes and shrubs with scattered semi-permanent structures on them. But if you take a look at these locations now, you’ll be more than surprised.Polyview and Lolwe estates are the most fast growing estates in Kisumu County, considering that Polyview estate was once a cemetery, Translakes never even existed and Lolwe was an abandoned place, the places have done quite so well as far as real estate industry is concerned hence the entire credit goes to the Kisumu real estate stakeholders.

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Polyview takes the lead in areas preferred by young middle class people (doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs) etc. the properties within the area are built in a fully organized manner with the most modern designs.

Due to this, the land rates have continued to go up since the stakeholders in Kisumu real estate are scrambling all over the place to invest in this “hot cake” property with huge returns. The land prices here have escalated tremendously to the fact that a 300 square meters goes for about Ksh. 3M which simply mean that an acre is around Ksh. 15M.

One would find it very hard to believe that this magnificent estate with great ambience was once a grave yard where no one would even dare walk on it alone at night and sometimes even during the day, as a Luo culture it was believed that the people buried there where at times hovering freely at night. This believe was shut three decades ago and now stakeholders in Kisumu real estate cannot hesitate to purchase and invest in the land since it is preferred by many residents of the lake side region.

Kisumu is a county that is fast growing with lots of natural resources that includes real estate sector, tourism sector, and mining sector; fishing industry etc. several investors from abroad have invaded into the County to take part in the thriving business of real estate investments in Kisumu.

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