Are you planning on having a construction project and looking for a construction company in Kenya? There are several contractors in Kenya who offers house-building services. Which kind of project are planning on doing and where? These are some questions you will need to consider when looking for a construction company in Kenya.

In this article, I want to highlight three things you need to think about when looking for a construction company in Kenya. There are; areas of specialization, the magnitude of the project and Registration with a regulatory body.

Factors to Consider when searching for a building construction company in Kenya.

1. Areas of Specialization.

When reviewing home construction companies in Kenya so as to pick one for your project, you need to understand that each company will have an area of specialization. This could be due to their strategic plan, training of the key partners or preferences of the clients they have handled in the past.

One company may decide to specialize in residential projects while another may specialize in commercial developments. If you have a residential project, it’s better handled by a company specialising in residential projects.  If you want to give a company dealing mainly with residential projects to do industrial construction, chances are that they may not have the exact experience useful in smooth project execution. Go for a construction company in Kenya which specializes in what you need.

2. Magnitude of the Project

The size of the project want to undertake should guide you on which construction company in Kenya to pick. There is a list of registered contractors in Kenya with different capabilities. Some can undertake bigger projects while others cannot. When you are reviewing building contractors in Kenya, assess the capability to undertake projects of different magnitudes. House designs Kenya.

You need to evaluate house construction companies in Kenya for your next project, you need to understand the personnel available, their registration with professional bodies, assets like machinery and equipment and the size of completed projects.

3. Registration with the Regulatory Body (NCA)

When looking at the Building and Construction Companies in Kenya, you need to confirm their registration status with the National Construction Authority of Kenya (NCA). This will help you see which companies are registered and those not registered or were registered but have been deregistered.

So these three factors will form a good basis for selecting the right construction company in Kenya appropriate for your project. While some clients are mindful of the location, a construction company is not usually limited to the location of the project.

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