When we think of building a house, many questions come to mind. What is the average cost of a 3 bedroom house? It is one of the questions that will need several calculations of variables that are not constant. As you start the journey, planning will be the best option as it will entail all the technical, financial, and structural details required by the house.

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Planning on what to do makes work orderly and on time. A plan will specify what to do, when, and how long. Therefore, you will merge in the journey of building a home when you already know the average cost of a 3 bedroom house you will have catered.

average cost of a 3 bedroom house

Pointing out the exact price is lame unless the house is real estate. For a site-built house, the average cost of a 3 bedroom house will be determined by various factors like the size of the house, type, and location, among others. The range on the cost of buildings is Ksh. 35,000- 75,000 per square meters. The cost changes mostly with the location.


1. The type of soil

In Nairobi, the rate can be 40,000 per square meter, 38,000 in the coastal region, and 35,000 in the Western. The difference in cost will be measured considering the location type of soil. An area with black cotton soil will require a deep foundation increasing the average cost of a 3 bedroom house. A site with red loamy soil will need a standard foundation depth, making the cost standard.

2. Topography

The locations’ topography will also estimate the average cost of a 3 bedroom house. A flat land will use fewer materials compared to hilly or sloppy land that will require leveling or too many materials to make the foundation on the same level.

3. The drainage

The drainage system of an area will also count to the average cost of a 3 bedroom house. A swampy area will require many technical techniques just to make a firm base to lay a foundation. The place will require architectural curving of steel that is put on the base and then covered with marram. All this to form a base for the foundation.

4. Availability of materials

if the location of the site is far away from any market center where materials can be found, additional transportation costs will be added to get the average cost of a 3 bedroom house. Transportation by trucks is calculated based on the number of feet covered, which varies with the location. In Kisumu, the price will be Ksh. 40 per foot. By knowing the length of the journey, then, the cost of transportation will be derived.

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5. The type of house

The type of house is another estimate of the average cost of a 3 bedroom house. There are two models of house designs that vary in structure. The structural variation is what brings the difference between the two houses. A mansion with more than one floor means more money will be spent on the foundation and less on the roofing. For a bungalow, more money will be spent on roofing than on the foundation


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