5 Tools that aids Real Estate Agents in controlling the Market

Real estate Agents Tools

The significance of technology in the modern day life is evident in almost everything that we do today. And this happens to be the case with the real estate sector.

Take a scenario of two real estate agents; one is your ordinary agent while the other is a top selling agent. The ordinary agent spends most of his resources trying to find new buyers and getting new leads. The result is less sales. The top realtor spends most of his time selling and making more money a result. The difference between the two agents is technology.

Investment in the real estate industry requires assessing and understanding the risks involved in the choices made. There are several tools at hand to facilitate guide the decision, but few are as useful as a set of high quality real estate investment software.

These online tools will save you time and money by providing all the information and resources you’ll need to make informed decisions and choices before buying or selling property.

All these tools are available via the net and the result of using them can be immediately felt. Any agent can access these tools and their use has more benefits and motivation to real estate marketing such that agents rarely lament about the monthly fees charged for the usage of these tools.

Let’s take a look at these tools that have had a transformational effect on the marketing platform of real estate properties;




This is an online billing and invoicing solution that is meant to provide an easy and secure billing experience. It comes in handy in eliminating doubts and also answers some of the complex electronic invoicing issues.

Through invoicera, one can easily track time, create and send invoices with your logo online for payment. This is very important because it is recommended that you have a solid support and back end monitoring of timely completion of all business related activities. This method has been widely accepted with millions of people already using it.






Google Sketch Up

google-sketchupGoogle SketchUp Pro is a modest, extraordinarilygreat tool for producing, presenting and converting 3D models.

You can model your properties in Google SketchUp and give your clients a 3D outlook. Boost your website listing by using the animation competence of Google SketchUp Pro. It authorizes customers to freely search the home, community and its surroundings in 3D.









propertywareThis software is particularly suitable for agencies that deal with property management, say for instance rental property. It gives vital real estate solutions for property managers or home owners and helps real estate agents to run errands and supervise the rental properties they manage within the least time possible.

Propertyware’s multi-tenant, real-time, web-based solutions help companies produce leads from a hosted web site, organize listings across the web, process e-payments, handle work orders and service customers using online portals.







Tools For Real Estate

tools-for-real-estateWith this web-based tool, you can get a proficiently written, customizable email newsletter about real estate that’s required to be sent to your contacts each month.

Tools For Real Estate offers easy-to-use, client-generating tools for real estate agents.

This app also gives out a lot of free suggestions and resources, both on their website and blog.







Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

karls-mortgage-calculatorThis is basically a visual outlook software that gives an analysis to buyers to help them further understand the value of a property and the cost of a mortgage. It provides an advanced analysis of loans and investments to boost the clients’ confidence in buying a given property.

Karl’s Calculator helps you to fulfill your role as an adviser when buyers are considering a purchase.

You can try different interest rates, profits or additional payments to give the buyer further insights and to increase your convincing power for the client to buy the said property.

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