Are you looking to make a REAL investment and recover the cost of investment in ONE YEAR? Invest in KnK Coffee Shop, located in Nakumatt Nyanza (Mega Plaza). The Pizza Shop is located in between Seal Honey and Post office , just within Nakumatt Nyanza (Mega Plaza) along Onginga Oginga Street.

Knk Coffee Shop Kisumu

knk2 Why Invest in Knk Coffee Shop?

1. You will inherit a very active clientele base, mainly high end members of the society and non-native.

2. Make monthly GROSS EARNINGS of Ksh1.5M to Ksh1.8M, with a operating margin of 20% of gross earnings.

3. Inherit SUPERIOR furniture, fittings and equipments worth over Ksh12M.

4. Explore more available internal capacities for more gain.

A few of Existing Equipments:

KnK Coffee shop KisumuKnK Pizza Shop Kisumu

1. Fine mahogany made chairs: 52 chairs

2. No. of Service Tables: 14 tables.

3. TV Set

4. Seating Couch: 8 units

5. Touch screen Point of Sale (POS)

6. Lamazoko Expressor

7.Lamazoko Grinder

8. Commercial Blender

9. One Coffee brewer

10. Music System with four Micro-phones

11. Freezer (3 Units)

12. Salamander

13. Mahogany Counter (2 units)

14. Many other s items

15. Inbuilt roofing and partitioning worth Ksh.5M

Additional Items

1. Free WiFi spot

2. All international Credit and Master cards accepted.

Only by buying into Knk Pizza a well known brand that you will recover you capital investment in the first year. All documents of financial data showing the figures mentioned are available for any INTERESTED PERSON.
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